One Nation Under God

With the national elections we’re facing, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role of God in politics. As a nation, we’ve lost some important connections to our history as we’ve raced toward our future. We talk about the separation of church and state as if the language is part of our constitution (which of course, it isn’t).

We seem to have forgotten that our country was founded by people who had been persecuted for their Christian beliefs, who risked everything to be able to live in a land where they were free to practice their faith without fear. The framers of our constitution didn’t require that the Christian faith be the religion of our nation, because they intended that others should be free from persecution for disagreeing with their tenets.

These brave people would be just sick about the way that we, as a nation, have twisted their ideals. Now, rather than protecting religion from government, we somehow are being sold the story that the government should be protected from religion. This was never, never the intent of our founding fathers and mothers, neither in the letter of our historic documents, nor in the spirit of them.

The framers of our constitution anticipated many changes, in their effort to make our founding written principles capable of standing the test of time. But they did miss something. They did not anticipate that the Christian church would become apathetic, taking our freedoms for granted, failing to bring a voice to their beliefs, and sitting back on their laurels, in spite of the fact that our very existence as a nation was bought with the blood of people who died for those freedoms.

The reason that these Christian people didn’t put the term “Christian” in their documents was not that they thought it was unimportant. Indeed, their faith was the key to their risking and sacrificing everything for this country. Our freedoms were penned with the underlying presumption that the Christians in this country would continue to stand for their principles, not becoming lazy or complacent or adverse to responsibility.

God is an integral part of this nation on every level, from federal to state. Not just any god–the God of the Bible. The Christian God. Just because this statement isn’t politically correct doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Biographies of most of the founding fathers, in addition to the federal and even state documents as well, offer ample evidence of this fact.

If you’re a Christian, I urge you to find your voice and start speaking the Truth, as found in the Bible. It’s the Truth our country was founded upon, whether we’ve forgotten that or not. Our forefathers didn’t spill their blood for us to sit around now shrugging our shoulders as religious freedom, the impetus for this great country, is stripped from us. In fact, they depended upon us to (at minimum) speak up. Any other notion was not even fathomable to them.

God is well able to keep what has been committed to Him. He does not let anyone go, but He does allow people to leave. It is beyond comprehension that we should expect God to shed his grace, mercy, love and blessings on us as a nation if we reject Him as a nation.

A Christian’s responsibility goes beyond praying, wishing or even voting. The Bible tells us, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” Our zipped lips have led to tremendous deception and erroneous thinking about the foundation of this country. Our founding fathers paid too high a price for us to tacitly endorse this deception by our collective silence.

It’s time for the church to speak up. Our forefathers had the right to expect it. And if you are a Christian, the Bible commands it.

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***[Edit] Incidentally, I received in my email recently a list of each one of our 50 states’ preambles. Each and every one refers to God. While I haven’t personally researched each state constitution to ensure the wording and accuracy of every preamble in the email, I thought it worthy to pass it along as sent to me. Look for it in my next blog post.


1 Response to “One Nation Under God”

  1. 1 Linda July 21, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Amen, you preach it, Sister. I would add that many Christian voices are silent because they are totally unaware and intentionally ignorant of current events and our nation’s history. Some wear this like a badge of honor instead of what it really is — a sticker that says “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing to themselves. We Christians have abdicated our responsibilities in many areas, including public discourse on the ideas and laws that govern the very way we earn money, pay our bills, educate our children,free speech and eventually our right to worship and perhaps even our lives.

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