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Thanks to Kari for posting this and being the burr in my britches to get me back here and writing again.  This is a great jump start!  I’ll say it again.  Wow.  Dude minces no words.  Sit down first and get ready for a blast of Truth.


I’m Thinking Jesus Wouldn’t Have Snarked Back

The other day, one of my daughters stomped in from declining to do a task that had been Grossly Unfairly Assigned to Her, and angrily (and loudly) grumbled, “WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO BE NICE TO ANYONE WHEN NO ONE IS NICE TO ME?!”

Praise the Lord for His discernment and the fruit of self-control, because it truly was Him keeping me from becoming furious right back at her. It amazed me to hear the words coming from my own mouth, calmly and gently (how ’bout that, another fruit?!):

Bless those who persecute youBless those who curse you, bless and do not curse.”

And in that moment, it was like a switch was flipped.  Her fury subsided, she gave me a hug and went back to what she’d been asked to do.  

Please understand, if you don’t know my kids personally, this is NOT what any of them are naturally inclined to do.  Naturally, they are inclined to argue, defend, pout, grumble about fairness…you get the picture.   Further, I am not naturally inclined to be calm and gentle when faced with Ultra-Snarkiness.  This was not a natural phenomenon.  It was quite literally, supernatural.


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There’s simply no substitute for memorizing the Word, purposefully hiding it in your heart.  I guess that’s one of the side-benefits of having that Word in your heart–it’s right there, ready to spring forth on your lips when you need it the most.

Now it doesn’t always work that way.  Not because the Word of God is impotent, but because I’m sometimes inclined to put my own parental two-cents worth in–you know, “improving” God’s Word with my own “so there!”  (Because God really needs my help…yes, right.)

But this day, the Lord gave me the discernment and strength to be able to respond like Jesus did when tempted in the wilderness by the devil himself, with the Word and the Word alone.  Noteable that when Jesus responded to the enemy with the Word (“It is written”), “then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.”

If it’s good enough for the King of Kings, perhaps the strategy might be good enough for me and my family.  Worth a try.  Sure helped score one in the win column that day.

The Most Important Standard in Parenting

I recently visited a site where a learned blogger discussed the notion of how to keep our daughters from growing up to be bimbos in a culture where girls go from mouseketeer to minx before we know it. It was a great topic, but missed what I thought was THE most important fix to the problem.

As a mom who is totally concerned about my two young daughters becoming bimbo-fied by our crazy and (thankfully) free culture, the key for me has been to make the Bible and Jesus central in my girls’ lives. Because they learned to love Jesus at a very, very young age (modeled and reinforced by parents, as imperfect as we’ve been), as they enter that pre-puberty age where they’re asking more questions and forming their own opinions, they now have the Word of God as their standard as they toss their thoughts around.

And that’s coming (at least in part) from their own knowledge base, not something anybody is newly ramming down their throats in an effort to manipulate them into making a certain decision.

When your kids are young, you have A LOT to say about what influences them. As parents, we need to take every opportunity to influence our children with the Truth. Not as hypocritical, over-zealous, Bible-thumping, know-it-alls. Rather, as people who understand the struggles that they’re going through–because, c’mon, you know we went through them too.

Our media is influencing our kids at every juncture. We HAVE to make sure that our voices are louder than those of the yammering world outside the walls of our homes!

And the Bible is really the ultimate instruction book for dilemmas like the ones our children face. And parents, it tells us all how to train up our children in the way that they should go so that when they are older they won’t depart from it.

By the way, if you think that the Bible is just a bunch of thou-shalt-nots designed to rain on your parade and spoil your fun, you’ve missed the whole point. The Bible is God’s love letter, His instruction manual, to His kids. He shared it with us, His kids, now wouldn’t it be wise to share that great wisdom with ours?

Put Jesus in the center of your parenting and you’ll be golden! More importantly, so will your children!

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